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About DWG

DWG designs and develops process safety and automation solutions for customers in industry and the infrastructure sector. For example, automated systems for bridges or factories. Our ultimate goal is to make the world more efficient, safer and more sustainable through technology. Find out more about DWG.

Taste the atmosphere

Get a kick out of doing your work. That is DWG’s first priority. So we do everything we can to ensure a good working atmosphere. In addition to hard work, we also regularly plan time for relaxation. Enjoyable get-togethers with drinks and refreshments, barbecues and cool team outings. There are also plenty of opportunities for a relaxing break at the office. You can enjoy unlimited delicious smoothies, soft drinks, pieces of fruit and other tasty refreshments.

Our vacancies

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Application process

Are you going to apply for a job with us? Then you can expect the following:

Step 1

You apply for a job opening that appeals to you.

Step 2

We meet up. Physically or digitally.

Step 3

If both sides feel a click, we will put forward an attractive proposal.

Step 4

Hooray! Welcome to the DWG club.

Your future colleagues

You will join a very young team of about 130 people. We all still regularly get our hands dirty out in the field. Indeed, we believe that this is the best way to continually expand our knowledge and expertise. In addition, customers see ‘our people’ as their own colleagues: committed, proactive, service-oriented and loyal. Two colleagues would like to tell you more about working at DWG:

Pieter Haanskorf, Service Engineer

“Why did I choose DWG? There are several reasons! Working for a young and dynamic company is great fun. The smooth collaboration with other departments and the strong feeling of solidarity throughout the organisation make my work enjoyable. The atmosphere is great and the work is also varied enough. I felt completely at home from day one. Thanks to the many friendly colleagues who welcomed me with open arms and help me whenever needed. DWG is a good employer, a great deal of attention is paid to employee well-being and even your family is treated with great consideration. I am proud that I and various colleagues have been able to accomplish great things at DWG and I intend to carry on doing so for a long time to come.”

Carlo Canter Visscher, Sales Manager

“At DWG, everything hinges on the people and that’s clearly obvious. You are rewarded with a nice present for each year that you work at DWG. And other important personal events also do not go unnoticed. The atmosphere is very friendly and we are a nice ‘flat’ organisation with short lines of communication. That’s why I really enjoy going to work every day!”

Our people

Of course: everyone employed by DWG is unique and has a personal area (or areas) of specialisation. Even so, our colleagues have at least four things in common.

First-hand practical experience

Our engineers all have experience of working at the dirty end. And they have acquired tremendous knowledge and expertise based on that practical experience.

Perfectionist and proactive

We make every effort to deliver perfectly functioning installations. And use our proactive abilities to always try to anticipate and avoid major faults.

Loyal and service-oriented

Customers really do see our engineers as their own colleagues. Their commitment is impressive and creates deep trust. Moreover, they will only leave your site when the (new) system works perfectly.

Young at heart

We always look for people who are passionate about their profession. They are young at heart and move with the times. DWG’s employees are driven, continuously develop their professional and interpersonal skills, always strive to achieve the highest quality and always home in on the essential issues.