The freedom of safety


Over 150,000 cars, motorcycles and trucks passing through a four-lane tunnel each day. 7,453 pedestrians crossing a bridge. Shipping that can continue the voyage faster thanks to new locks. All things that most people take for granted and, frankly, we do our best to keep it that way. So that users of infrastructure can move freely, unaware of what goes on behind the scenes. So that they never need to question whether the tunnel has been designed safely, or suffer the inconvenience of traffic lights that are not perfectly coordinated for optimal flow, or run the potentially lethal risk of barriers that do not close at the right time to prevent dangerous situations. In short, the aim is to make sure that everyone can travel from A to B in an enjoyable and safe manner.

Infrastructure-related expertise

In the Infrastructure market sector, DWG has expertise available in the following areas to help improve your business.
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Cyber Security

Electrical Installations

Industrial Automation

Information & Data Technology


Project Management


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