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Siemens Solution Partner

DWG works closely with Siemens, in fact we are a Siemens Solution Partner. This ensures constant improvement in the value chain. Thanks to our extensive product knowledge, we are able to provide customised solutions.

We design based on the latest and proven technologies. We do this for Process and Factory Automation. In addition, our close cooperation with Siemens allows us to track market trends accurately. Both our customers and their end users benefit from this, and their satisfaction is our ultimate goal!

Every year our engineers obtain the new Siemens certifications. So we have guaranteed access to the high level of knowledge and expertise required for developing automation solutions. In short, we enjoy working on technical solutions for our customers and do everything we can to add value. We go the extra mile by deploying the latest technologies in terms of Industry 4.0, digitalisation, automation and communication.

Achieving improvements for our customers in the areas listed below makes our work fun, worthwhile and interesting:

  • Cost benefits and investment savings;
  • Greater safety;
  • Higher production process availability;
  • Flexible and scalable automation applications and
  • Efficient equipment and installations.

Siemens solution partner

DWG is an official Siemens partner that provides specialised Siemens solutions for machines and installations.

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