The benefit of working with DWG

DWG is a System Integrator. At DWG we understand the meaning of our work; in society and in the daily lives of everyone around us. We offer you advanced, future-proof industrial solutions, which ensure, for example, that a bridge opens safely, that a glass of beer tastes much better or that your home always has power from the grid. So we don’t just look at the technology – we focus on what really matters in the end; the things that you as our customer, and your customers, use and benefit from every day.

DWG's markets

Discover our market propositions. And get more information about the challenges in the individual markets and our solutions.

Tank terminals

Read more about securing storage and transhipment at tank terminals, transforming them into a sustainable asset, cost-efficient working methods and the process of developing and building tank terminals.


DWG’s infrastructure activities centre on 2 areas: civil engineering (road building and hydraulic engineering) and transport of substances. Read on about how we can help you.


Every production environment has a common denominator; the less energy wasted, the higher the level of production security and cost efficiency.

Food & Beverage

Raw materials are becoming increasingly scarce and costly. Automation plays a key role in ensuring maximum efficiency in how the raw materials are used.

Fine Chemicals

The fine chemicals industry is all about producing high-quality finished or semi-finished products. In this environment, a flexible production process is of paramount importance.


As a Siemens solution partner, we expertly supply and install Siemens products and solutions. These projects are handled by our expert electrical engineering and industrial automation expertise teams.