About DWG

DWG is a System Integrator. The company was founded by Richard van der Windt, Pieter Gelton and Maarten van Dijk. Their passion for technology brought them together and they decided to start their own business in 2014. Richard van der Windt and Pieter Gelton previously worked together at a machine factory and then at a large technical services company. In 2014, they decided to take matters into their own hands. DWG was born! It started with a software company with a workforce of 7 colleagues. Since then – several years later – DWG has grown into a sizeable System Integrator with a workforce of 130 qualified people and three offices run by Richard van der Windt and Pieter Gelton as the directors.


  • What does the abbreviation DWG stand for? Take the first letters of the last names of the founders Richard, Pieter and Maarten. And there you have it!
  • DWG began in 2014 as a small software company with a workforce of 7 people. We have since grown into a sizeable system integrator with three offices and a 130-strong workforce.
  • We started with a single focus discipline: software. We have since broadened our horizons and now also specialise in: Consultancy, Cyber Security, Electrical Installations, Industrial Automation, Information & Data Technology, Instrumentation, Process Engineering, Project Management, Safety, Service & Maintenance.
  • On an ongoing basis, we work for an average of 50 to 60 customers, in the following focus markets: Energy, Fine Chemicals, Food & Beverage, Infrastructure, Tank Terminals.

The core = industrial automation

Automation solutions for industry and infrastructure are our core business. For example, automated systems for bridges or factories. Our ultimate goal? That is to use technology to make the world much more efficient, safer and more sustainable. Our ambition? That is to become the best and most fun-to-work-with systems integrator in the western Netherlands (and beyond).

A total and customised software package

Not only do we build solutions based on existing technologies; we have also developed our own products. They focus mainly on the Industrial Internet of Things. As a result, we deliver a total package to our customers. Fully customised. Matched to the user. Completely automated.

What drives DWG?

Technology plays a key role in our society. We simply cannot do without it anymore. Technology opens up fantastic opportunities and helps society meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. We at DWG always look for the most efficient, safe and sustainable solutions. Solutions that are preferably fully automated. In short: we are responsible for the technology, you benefit from the results.

Core values


We are committed to achieving our goals as a team.


We are forward thinkers & improvers.


We keep our promises.

Why is DWG different?

Being successful is not just about implementing the best solutions and getting the best results. The human aspect is primarily important at DWG. When you tackle an assignment with DWG, you will find yourself working exclusively with technical experts who are fully committed and intrinsically motivated. And who want to share that drive and passion with you. Because when we share our knowledge and passions with each other, we are guaranteed to get the best results. Successful together, in other words.

Furthermore, choosing DWG kills two birds with one stone. We give you advice and then also roll up our sleeves to do the work. And because we’re such a hands – on company, we know exactly what practical solutions you need. In short: we advise you based on our broad practical experience.

The joy of working with DWG

At DWG, we completely understand the significance of our work, in all our daily lives. A bridge that opens safely, an uninterrupted power supply to your home, or beer that tastes better. This not only benefits our customers, but also their customers and ultimately society as a whole. That “passionate desire to give meaning” is in our DNA. It is an undeniable characteristic of the people who work for us. And we like to let everyone experience it: the joy of working with DWG.

Our people

Of course: everyone employed by DWG is unique and has a personal area (or areas) of specialisation. Even so, our colleagues have at least four things in common.

First-hand practical experience

Our engineers have extensive experience of working in the field. As a result, we develop pragmatic solutions that guarantee the desired quality.

Perfectionist and proactive

We make every effort to deliver perfectly functioning installations. And use our proactive abilities to always try to anticipate and avoid major faults.

Loyal and service-oriented

Customers really do see our engineers as their own colleagues. Their commitment is impressive and creates deep trust. Moreover, they will only leave your site when the (new) system works perfectly.

Young at heart

We always look for people who are passionate about their profession. They are young at heart and move with the times. DWG’s employees are driven, continuously develop their professional and interpersonal skills, always strive to achieve the desired quality and always home in on the essential issues.

Siemens solution partner

DWG is an official Siemens partner that provides specialised Siemens solutions for machines and installations.

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