Baltic Yachts is a leading shipyard in Jakostad, Finland, and specialises in high-quality carbon fibre yachts, custom-built to the customer’s specifications.

The company is a well-known builder of high-end, exclusive and custom-built sailing boats and has a reputation for using materials of the highest quality. Yachts are built here to order and no two yachts are the same. Baltic Yachts’ corporate goal is to be one of the leading boat manufacturers in the world.

The role of our software engineers

This blog focuses on DWG’s role in making this hypermodern nautical object. Our hardware and software engineers designed the electrical control & monitoring system. Interaction is possible between the systems and we can proudly say that the result is a totally automated and totally cool yacht! Certain aspects on the yacht are even controlled automatically in collaboration with other systems; for example, the navigation lighting, electrical systems such as the drive, generators and batteries, air conditioning and even the hydraulic controls for raising, lowering and adjusting the sails. What did we do to make this happen? We produced electrical drawings and a hardware plan with passion and dedication. This included designing the central control/monitoring system. As a result, Baltic Yachts was able to arrange its own procurement of the materials.

Always one step ahead

DWG’s collaboration in this project was highly beneficial for the end user. DWG deploys smooth-running processes and, above all, continuously works ahead of schedule. You are probably asking yourself how this is possible? We are happy to explain. DWG’s software engineers prepared the software and tested it extensively with the customer and end user first, before they even set foot on the boat. Hey presto! That is a SIGNIFICANT time saving, speeding up the schedule because the design phase and the content-filling phase are normally sequential.

A beautiful hypermodern yacht

The photos clearly show the graceful lines of this beautiful hypermodern yacht. A compact, clean design allied with an unusual use of colour. Our software is also distinctive; unobtrusive but highly impressive below the surface when examined by a technical engineer. DWG’s systems are incredibly robust. We used our professional expertise to take the software – which (unfortunately) is normally more of an afterthought than anything else – to a higher level.

And our software engineers, Lorenzo and Sjoerd, really enjoyed working in Finland and in a totally different industry.

Lorenzo Daamen, Senior Software Engineer DWG

“Being asked to work on such a beautiful and technically refined object is a huge privilege. Furthermore, the view from the workshop out over the coastline of Finland was just spectacular.”

DWG used a redundant S7-1500 PLC for this assignment to ensure optimal availability. The PLCs were programmed using Siemens’ TIA portal tool. Stylishly designed Exor JSmart series screens handle visualisation. Curious about the software engineering capabilities at DWG? We are one of the most knowledgeable providers of Siemens-based automated control systems on the planet. Just give us a call!