Process automation solutions of DWG

Meet the wonderful world of process automation. A world constantly working toward the most efficient production processes. In fact, the goal of automation engineering is to turn human work into machine work. That way, you can keep your processes as error – free as possible and unreservedly expect constant performance. Moreover, good automation solutions allow you to avoid (human) mistakes. After all, prevention is better than cure, right?

Is industrial automation unknown territory for you, meaning that you are looking for a specialised and experienced partner? Then read on for details of the areas where we can support you.

What is process automation exactly?

Before you come to us for professional process automation solutions, knowing what process automation means will be helpful for your decision – making. In a nutshell, industrial automation solutions lead to better collaboration. Collaborations between machines, as well as between man and machine. Which doesn’t mean that human work is no longer needed. On the contrary, industrial automation solutions only allow you to perform your work more efficiently and reduce the risk of errors. In short: process automation ensures continuous performance and therefore the highest possible return.

This automation software we apply

Developments within the process automation industry are rapid. New process automation solutions become available every day. These process automation solutions are accompanied by the smartest automation software. We know every automation software package like the back of our hand and carefully choose the most suitable automation software and applications.

  • Siemens PCS7 applications
  • Siemens S7 applications
  • Honeywell applications
  • TIA Portal applicaties\
  • ABB applications
  • Safety applications
  • Siemens Batch applications
  • Migration projects
  • Siemens Route Control applications

How we arrive at our process automation solutions

Before we can offer sound advice on suitable automation solutions, we do our field research first. We fire all kinds of questions at you, take a close look at the current installations and spend time with operators as they work. We ask ourselves all kinds of questions: are there opportunities that are not yet (fully) exploited? How are the installations currently being used? How can process operators do their jobs better? With these answers in mind, our automation engineers think deeply about possible process automation solutions. Then they incorporate their ideas and concepts into a functional design.

The functional design is followed by the technical design. The technical design is a kind of framework for determining which automation software to deploy, and deciding which computers and automation components we want to work with. And that’s not all. We also draw in the installations so we know exactly where to place them.

Once the technical design meets with our expert approval, the next major task starts: implementing the automation solutions. We test the installation time and time again, and check every single detail. Is everything working properly? Great, time to get the automated systems up and running. Grab a nice cup of coffee, sit back and feel free to watch our experts implement the process automation solutions.

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Getting started with process automation?

Are you interested to hear what we can do for you in the field of process automation? Or would you like to get to know us better in an informal setting – over a cup of coffee, perhaps? We’ll be happy to oblige! Together we look at what automation solutions are possible for you. Feel free to send us a message via the contact form or call us!