Process consultant wanted?

Whether you need an entirely new process installation designed or modifications made to your current installation, our process consultants are standing by! Do you need advice about your process? Simply tell us what’s bothering you – half a word is enough for experts like us. Our process consultants will have a clear idea of your wants and needs in next to no time. After all, they are tuned in to your wavelen gth, having worked personally at the dirty end.

What do process consultants do?

Our team of process consultants know how to deal with the most complex greenfield, brownfield and process optimisation. They love delving into the details of a specific engineering project. Our process engineering consultants will not let go, until the best, most efficient solution has been designed. What do DWG’s process consultants do exactly? They design and optimise processes during the entire life cycle of an installation. Examples include basic engineering, detail engineering, water hammer calculations and pressure drop calculations.

Process optimisation: what does this involve?

‘What is process optimisation? ”, you may be wondering. There is no single answer to that question. That’s because the details depend on what installation you have. But one thing is certain: the goal of process optimisation is always to make processes run (even) more smoothly. As a resu lt, you can run your production more efficiently, reduce the chance of errors and minimise downtime. Fortunately, we don’t have to do all the work ourselves; we have advanced process engineering software programs to help us: COMOS and Wanda, for generating PFDs, P&IDs and data sheets, and performing process simulations.

What can you expect from process consulting?

DWG has a large team of experienced process engineering consultants, each with their own specialism. Because all these process consultants have a technical background, they give you sound, to-the-point process advice. The common goal? To make your world and the world of your end user more efficient, more sustainable and safer. Obviously, that vision is also adhered to by our process consultants. They tackle their process consulting activities thoroughly and ensure that no aspect is skipped. First, our process consultants formulate a plan of action based on budgets, technical drawings, quick scans and feasibility studies. That leads to sound advice t hat helps you progress towards your goal.

All-round process consulting

A properly functioning installation consists of several components that work together smoothly. Like the all-round engineering team at DWG. Our different specialists also collaborate smoothly and harmoniously. After all, our process consultants cannot do everything on their own: they always need input from their colleagues in the process safety, functional safety, electrical engineering, industrial automation, IT engineering and maintenance engineering departments. We always make sure that a complete team with the right specialists is involved in your engineering project. What if you need advice – in addition to process consultancy – on another aspect of engineering? We jump in and provide appropriate assistance as quickly as possible! An added bonus in terms of efficiency. Quite efficient.

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Do you want to involve a process consultant?

We have given you a brief introduction to DWG. Interested in a more detailed explanation? And would you like to know specifically what DWG can do for you as an engineering specialist? We are looking forward to your email or phone call. Get in touch with us!