Looking for a maintenance consultant?

The big moment is here: the installation is built and ready for use. But our work does not end there! We will take care of your installation for as long as it is necessary. Everyone needs a little love sometimes. Also your machine. Our team of maintenance consultants can advise you on preventive maintenance of machines and software. In other words, they do everything they can to make the processes as safe and efficient as possible. Curious about what a DWG maintenance consultant can do for you? Read on!

What does a maintenance consultant do?

You may be wondering: ‘What does a maintenance consultant do?’ You are about to find out. A maintenance consultant at DWG is involved in the overall project: from the research to the maintenance of the installation(s). For example, a maintenance consultant ensures that processes and assets are properly aligned and writes maintenance plans. After all, continuous evaluation and analysis of maintenance processes are part of a maintenance consultant’s job.

Preventive maintenance of machines & software

Prevention is the best cure. Our engineers know this better than anyone. The engineers in the process safety and functional safety departments do everything possible to prevent failures. They mainly do this leading up to and during the realization of an installation. But a problem can always occur. Even when all risks have been carefully identified. This is where our maintenance consultants jump in. They are there to provide regular preventive maintenance on machines and software. Our maintenance consultants check installations for safety and efficiency and provide appropriate advice.

Need corrective maintenance? Call us!

Although we try our hardest, unfortunately we can never completely eliminate breakdowns. Not even after skilled, regular preventive maintenance. Should your installation require corrective maintenance, you can contact our service desk 24/7. Is it an emergency? If so, please call us at 010-760 8600. We are happy to help you out quickly!

Preventive and predictive maintenance: the differences

Preventive maintenance is performed with some degree of regularity and “by the book.” In other words, preventive maintenance is often part of a multi-year maintenance plan and follows a set schedule. Compare it with your regular check-up at the dentist for convenience. Preventive maintenance is an important activity, because you can’t start it early enough. The disadvantage of preventive maintenance is that you never know whether a part will need to be replaced faster or slower than the guideline states. But we have another solution to that …

In predictive maintenance, we use the installations’ data. We analyze this data to find out what the actual condition of the machine is. So with predictive maintenance, we don’t focus on the set replacement intervals but look at the real component’s status. The same actually happens when you go to the dentist on your own appointment to fill a cavity. The advantage of predictive maintenance is that the investment in each component is better utilized.

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Looking for a maintenance consultant?

We have given you a brief introduction to DWG. Interested in a more detailed explanation? And do you want to know specifically what engineering firm DWG can do for you? We are looking forward to your email or phone call. Get in touch with us!