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Are you looking for smart process automation solutions that make processes within your factory even more efficient? Good news: you’ve landed on exactly the right page. First, let’s introduce ourselves. We are DWG and within our engineering firm we have a large-scale branch that deals with industrial automation on a daily basis. Our seasoned engineers aim to turn human work into machine work. This allows processes to be streamlined and you can blindly rely on consistent performance. And that’s not all: automation engineering also makes human error a thing of the past.

Don’t have a grasp on industrial automation? And looking for the perfect match to provide you with the smartest and most efficient automation solutions? Then read on.

Process automation: what exactly does it entail?

We have already mentioned process automation a number of times. But what exactly does it mean? Well, first of all, automation solutions are not meant to take over your job. On the contrary: they actually make for better collaborations. Between man and machine. And between machines themselves. Because process automation aims to make the production process as efficient as possible, without interruptions. This allows you to continuously work to maximize your returns. In short: process automation is indispensable in every plant!

The benefits of process automation

Today, automation solutions are indispensable in the average factory. In fact, it makes the work a lot more efficient and especially less prone to error. Does this mean machines will take over all the work of your employees? Don’t worry, automation software actually makes for better collaborations. Between machines, but also between man and machine. Those seamless collaborations ensure continuous production processes. And that continuity, in turn, ensures the highest possible returns. Too good to be true? No way!

Specialized in 9 types of automation software

The process automation industry never stands still. New techniques and automation solutions are added every day. And, of course, these developments are accompanied by the smartest automation software. At least we know these 9 automation software packages like the back of our hand. And are we not familiar with a specific automation software package yet? Then we would prefer to dive in today! That’s how nerdy we are.

  • Siemens PCS7 applications
  • Siemens S7 applications
  • Honeywell applications
  • TIA Portal applications
  • ABB applications
  • Safety applications
  • Siemens Batch applications
  • Migration projects
  • Siemens Route Control applications

From research to concrete process automation solutions

Concrete automation solutions don’t just fall out of the sky. No, before we can get started on that, we want to know the ins and outs. We go into the field first. We look at the current situation and take a closer look at the installations. We will ask you all kinds of questions and we will also take a look over the operator’s shoulder. What opportunities are there to make production processes and human work more efficient? These types of questions our automation engineers take into account when designing a functional design.

The functional design is in place. Time for the technical design. You can think of a technical design as a framework that defines the chosen automation software. In addition, a technical design tells you what computers and automation components we will be working with. Finally, we include the installations, so you can see exactly where they will be placed.

And then? Then it’s time for the big stuff: implementing the automation solutions. We test, test and test until everything is right to the last detail. Is everything working the way it should? Yes! Then it’s time to get the automated systems up and running. Your job? Just sit back, with a nice cup of coffee. Just let us implement those process automation solutions. Because we’re good at it 😉

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